Why Painted Pomegranate?

I started the Painted Pomegranate to share experiences of my journey in motherhood, art, and natural wellness. Pomegranates are a symbol of motherhood and fertility, ripe and full of tiny seeds to plant. Painted represents my artistic passion and love for the beautiful world and all its gifts around us. Together Painted Pomegranate aims to encourage you to discover your artistic roots, gather seeds of natural wellness, and plant these ideas into the family and friends in your life.


Art has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I used to take out all the arts and crafts how-to books I could get my hands on at the library and work through them to complete each project. My mother used to babysit a lot of neighborhood kids and I used to teach these lessons to them. When I was 7, I was severely burned, and as I waited for the life flight helicopter to arrive, I threw a fit about missing art class. This tantrum became the crystallizing moment in my heart that spurred my passion to instill this art love in others.

I continued my love of teaching art and am currently a certified Art Education teacher. I am proud to teach at my local arts center, big arts festivals, libraries, churches, and to educate students in the visual arts online. I also continued rocking being a burn survivor. In my role as a Burn Concern Director,  I encourage others to focus on not just surviving, but thriving as well. This support group that I helped found also has a Facebook group if you’d like to learn about our upcoming events. 

Natural Wellness

I am a nature lover and am constantly inspired by all of God’s gifts and earthly splendors of trees, roots, flowers, sunsets, and other beautiful scenes. This inspires both my art and my homesteading ideals. I explore lots of different ways to cultivate a green home through gardening, composting, making real food recipes, mixing up eco-friendly cleaning solutions, using essential oils, and creating lots of DIY health and beauty remedies and recipes. I am so excited to share some of the ways I have been eliminating toxins in my own home and saving money doing it!


The motherhood segment of this blog covers a tremendous amount of ground—all topics I am very passionate about sharing with you. You will read about my journeys in babywearing, natural birth, breastfeeding, and raising my children to love Jesus. My children, Addelyn, born in 2013, and Jonah, born in 2015, bring such joy and laughter to our Pennsylvanian home in the country. Together with my amazing husband, Anthony, we seek to fill each day instilling values and a healthy lifestyle into our kiddos.

May you inspire others by being a Painted Pomegranate too!
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