Slow Cooker Chicken Curry

I love a good slow cooker recipe. I especially love versatile ones where leftovers can be transformed into other meals. Now that summer is here, I try to avoid using my oven and stove so much. Often we make fresh salads and grill outside. Other times, I’m craving more of a comfort food, and this one is warm, hearty, yet full of fresh summer flavors like tomatoes and spinach.  The whole point of a slow cooker meal is to make...

DIY Vegetable Garden Stone Markers

DIY Vegetable Garden Stone Markers

With spring finally settling in, visions of flourishing gardens dance in our heads. All this sunshine and rain has me plotting out my vegetable garden, amending the soil with compost, and tilling the dirt. Here in Pennsylvania, I have began sowing the first of the seeds. In past years, we have simply marked our rows of vegetables with Sharpie-labeled popsicle sticks. This year I decided to up my garden marker game by painting some colorful stones and adding cheerful looking...